More efficiency,
make full use of space

In order to ensure the quality
of wire rope hoist assembly
we adopt advanced production equipment

Provide for all cranes
Better professional services

High-quality products
accompany you every time you
lift heavy objects

About Us


Jiangsu Dingli Heavy Industry Group has complete crane manufacturing technology. Production equipment and inspection equipment. The product is mainly used in the lifting and conveying fields of automotive manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, metallurgy, home appliances, light textile and other industries. It is a designated production and strategic partner of multiple large domestic group enterprises. The product is exported to multiple countries.

  • 2009
  • 10,0000000.0
    Total registered capital
  • 71000
    cover an area
  • 47600
    Production Plant
  • 800+
    Total number of employees

Create high-quality products with character and attract business with sincerity

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