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Service Commitment

Jiangyin Dingli Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. is willing to abide by the terms and relevant regulations of your company. We promise that if we win the bid, we will sign a contract with your company in accordance with your company's delivery requirements. After the contract is signed, we will earnestly perform our obligations as agreed in the contract, ensure the delivery (work) on schedule, and are willing to provide considerate services with the best product (work) quality, the best price, and in good faith, To ensure product quality and meet the needs of users, we adhere to the principle of "serving users, being responsible to users, and ensuring their peace of mind".
1、 Strengthen quality management, establish and improve a quality system, and carry out construction in accordance with GB/T14405-93, JB/ZQ8001-89, GB5905-86 and relevant standards and contract provisions. Unqualified products will not be inspected, and unused new equipment will be provided to users according to the equipment performance and quality standards specified in the contract.
2、 Ensure the construction period and do not delay production without special circumstances.
3、 Provide users with complete technical information and services after inspection, with 24-hour online service.
4、 If there is a quality issue with the product within 12 months and the equipment cannot operate normally, a handling opinion shall be given within 1 hour after receiving the user's notice; If on-site solutions are required, ensure that technical personnel are dispatched for maintenance within 4 hours after receiving user notification; Adhere to the on-site service principle of first repairing and then concluding, ensuring that quality issues are not resolved and technical personnel are not evacuated. Free repair or replacement of defective goods or components during the warranty period. The warranty period is 12 months after the equipment acceptance is qualified.

after-sale service

After the installation of lifting equipment, Jiangyin Dingli Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. will provide free operation and maintenance training for the customer's equipment operators and maintenance personnel at the user's site. If there are many devices, our company can also send specialized technical personnel to provide free training and maintenance for equipment trial operation to users.
During the entire use period of the lifting equipment, in order to ensure its normal operation, our company will always be ready to troubleshoot the equipment on site for users and provide efficient and sufficient equipment component supply services. After receiving user device failure information, our response speed should be within 24 hours. After the warranty period, whether we repair equipment on-site for users or purchase spare parts, we will provide equipment components to users at a discounted price of 10% lower than the normal sales price.
Customers can call the after-sales service hotline of Jiangyin Dingli Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. at any time, and we will wholeheartedly provide high-quality and fast service.

Head office after-sales hotline: 0510-86996680 Contact person: Zhu Qianjin
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